Home Improving while Budgeting

Whenever we think about making home improvements the first thing that comes into your mind is money and you will be robbed of it after you are done with the home improvements. It is quite scary when you think that you would require lots of dollars to get improvement in just one room because you are not good at it yourself and improvements will have to be done by someone who you will have to pay and pay a big amount for even some minor change. Budgeting and home improvements are two things which are on opposite poles but we will try to help you in bringing them together and saving up some money.

Contrary to common belief, making home improvements doesn’t have to be costly. Of course, if you hire a professional contractor then you will have to pay a fortune to get the work done but there is a cheaper way around and that requires some patience of reading the directions and doing it yourself.

Before you get started to do some research and get to know the details about everything. Research is the most important part. The next thing to do is work out a schedule and a way to fund your work. Make a list of things you want to do and a list of things that your house needs and calculate the costs of both. Work out a financial plan and finalize the total budget you have.

Once you have made up your mind and worked out how much money you can spend then you should look at the list of things that are needed and start with the top priority ones and work your way down to the second list tackling needs first and then go for wants. Another important thing to do is to keep a stash of cash aside for a rainy day. Keep some money spare so it can be used when things go wrong.

Let’s take an example of how you should work out the financial plan. Assume you want to make some changes to one room. First enlist

what is needed. The paint is wearing off, the closet door is broken, and the floor needs some fixing, these needs of the room should be the priorities to work on. List them down and prioritize them. The next thing to do is make a list of things you want to do for example add a new shelf or mirror, install something new. Again prioritize this list of wants. Then next thing to do is to make a list of materials and things that you need for this. Paint, brushes, primer, paint thinner, tools, etc. all these are some of the basic things that you need. After listing the materials down, do some market research and find out from where you can get these materials and compare the prices to get the best deal.

A good option is to go to a well-known hardware store or a place where these materials are sold at wholesale price. Try to find a deal which is cheap and you are still getting the best quality of material. Work out the budget and take special care while finalizing the quantity of the things. Avoid buying too much of the materials because you might spend too much and end up wasting more than half of it. Try to buy things in batches. Buy the first batch with a little quantity and use it and buy some more later on. In this way, you will only use the quantity that is required and won’t waste it.

DIY Home Improvement Ideas You Can Try

When we think about the home improvement we think about paying hundreds of dollars and going through a stressful time of getting what you want to be perfected. In most cases, we find it so hard to explain to a professional what we want and end up spending the money on the work we don’t like. The solution to this is doing it yourself. Now it may sound hard and it does require a lot of patience but it is not impossible and there is no risk of your money getting wasted on something you didn’t want because your ideas will be perfectly understood and translated only by you. Here are some ideas which you do it yourself and can use to improve the look and feel of your home.

DIY String Lights Décor

String lights are something which is simple and can immediately add up to the coziness of your home. These lights give a cozy and starry effect. There are so many things you can do which them. Use the string lights to give your bed canopy a divine look. If your bed doesn’t have a bedpost then you can put some towel hangers on the ceiling and hang some fabric along with the string lights and you will end up with a beautiful look. Another thing you can do is to make up a dixie cup garland or make flower lights and place them on the back wall above your bed. To make the garland you need some dixie cups and for the flower lights, you can use cupcake liners of different colors. We all love that feeling we get from a Hollywood

A-lister we get from looking at a mirror which those lights on the sides. You can transform your mirror by just wrapping some string lights around the edges and get that Hollywood feel. Another thing to do is to make fairy light jars using these string lights. These can be a great option to replace a night light as well.

DIY Wall Art

Another cool thing to do is to make some DIY Wall Art. Having blank spaces on your walls can be really boring. Wall Art is something which can bring life to your walls and make it look better. There are many cheap ideas which you can use to make really good wall art. One simple thing you can do is get some cheap withered wood and paint it. You can put on your favorite quote and make a rustic palette sign. You can also turn an old window frame into a photo frame. You can also use a rubber mat and spray paint it to look like fancy wall art. If you are feeling a bit more artistic then stenciling is just the thing for you. You can also try string art. If you are a lover of micro crafting then you can take some tiny plastic animals and spray paint them silver or gold and make a micro-crafted frame to hang on your wall. Another cool thing is to make some sharpie plates to hang on your walls. If you want an outdoor wall decorated then you can make a moss graffiti that grows. You can create some really cool abstract art by just spraying paint on sheets, cutting them into random shapes and sticking together on a white base sheet to make a cool frame. Another cool thing to do is to make a graphic wall using tape. Simply tape your wall and then paint it. Remove the tape and get a graphic art on your wall.

Your Home is Your Sanctuary: Make it More Liveable

A home is not just any place with four walls and a ceiling. Home is a place which provides us with a sense of relaxation, comfort, and safety. When we walk into our homes at the end of the day it feels like a place to escape all the hustle and bustle and seek refuge from the outside world. The feeling which we get from walking into our homes is priceless.

The place we live in doesn’t have to be too big or small or have too much of furniture and other things. The most important thing is to make our homes more liveable and to impart the feeling of a sanctuary. No matter how much square feet of an area we have to inhibit our main focus is to turn that into a comfortable living space. The whole idea of a home revolves around making it a place of refuge, relaxation, comfort, coziness, and contentment. To bring out all these feelings, there are a few things which one can do and transform their house into a home.

Paint it up!

The study of human psychology has revealed that colors have a great impact on our minds. To give your home a more peaceful and calming look, you should choose some basic colors which are soothing to your eyes. Painting your walls in neutral, white or light shades will give it a more open look even if you have a small apartment. You can add a splash of color to your furniture to make it look less boring. The key is to keep a balance.

Lighting matters

Lighting is another important thing which makes your home comfier. Natural light should light up your rooms and for that, you must have windows in appropriate places. Choose a nice color for your curtains or blinds as well. The light bulbs, lamps and tube lights should also be selected and installed as per need. To make your home cozy at night, you can install dimmers which dim the light and gives your house a more peaceful look. Lighting up candles also has a great impact as well.

    Bring a balance

Try to keep your house nice, tidy and clean. The windows and vents should be in appropriate places and opened when needed to make the house airy. You can also bring nature inside by keeping indoor plants and flowers. Eliminate the extra stuff and remove any unnecessary things which are just occupying space.


5 Home Improvement Tips To Consider


Do you own a house or an apartment that need interior and/or exterior improvement? You should know that home improvement can be very easy or very complicated based on how well informed and prepared you are about the process. You can spend a fortune on home improvement but you can also get great results on a budget if you know what you’re doing.

Let’s look at some home improvement tips you should be considering to have better results while keeping costs down.


You might have several areas that need improvement in your house, so how should you choose where to start? It’s always recommended to start out with the most burning issues first. If you have leaking pipes, bad drainage, rust or mold, these should always be taken care of first. Prioritize the important issues and then move on to improving other areas you see fit.

Professionals vs DIY

There isn’t a right or wrong way to go here, it’s all about how much you’re personally willing to spend and how much time you can dedicate yourself to improve your home. If you can afford it, hiring professionals to handle your home improvement project will provide guaranteed quality results and less hassle for you.

If you’re on a budget, you can still get great results with a little research and patience. Don’t just buy whatever is available in the first Home Depot you encounter in your path. Do some research into various products and solutions for every area you are looking to remodel. You can find very affordable stuff that still looks great if you have the patience to look for it.

Skill Can Be Trained

Nobody is born with skills, we all acquire them at one point during our lifetime. So if you feel you aren’t skilled enough to repair that leak, or install that cabinet, don’t get discouraged. It’s not that hard, and I bet you can find free videos and articles online about how to do it. You could literally learn in minutes and save money on not having to call a professional.

Find Inspiration

If you lack decoration ideas, you can always go on home improvement websites like this one or on social media like Pinterest to find thousands of cool ideas for your home. Seeing pictures of how others decorated their homes can provide the required inspiration you are lacking.

Saving Money

Doing a big part of the redecoration project yourself will save you a good amount of money you can then spend on a new fridge. Or new TV. Or new something. Don’t underestimate yourself, you have everything that’s required to lead your remodeling project to a complete success, while saving a good chunk of change in the process.

When you follow this advice you’ll realize that remodeling your home can be a very fun and rewarding experience. It might even become addicting 🙂

Cool Feng Shui Decor Techniques For Your Home


Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of home decoration that has existed for hundreds of years. However in the past 2 decades it has made its way towards western civilization with many homeowners adopting its techniques.

The goal of feng shui is to redefine and rearrange how the energy flows through ones home. Translated, the words literally mean wind and water. The idea is that every item has a certain energy that it emanates, some can have positive energy and some negative, and they can interact with each other. That is why certain things should stay on one side, while others in the opposite way, and not side by side.

For example, if you were to sell your house right now, Feng Shui says you should always place the ‘For Sale’ sign on the right side of the house, and never the left. This will bring a lot of positive energy towards the house, making a sale more likely. Put it on the left side and you will be weakening the energy, driving potential customers away.

Welcome The Energy Into Your Home

It is said that energy penetrates your home through the front door, so always pay attention to that area of the house. The front door should always complement the rest of the exterior, in both color and design. It should look like it perfectly fits the house. To enhance this even further, try adding a welcome mat and have plants on both sides, plants with rounded leafs. It is said that sharp leafs bring negative energy in this case, so you should avoid them.

Create A Stunning Living Room

The living room is probably the most important area of the house. It is where people spend much of their day, it is the first room you see in the house, it is the room where you entertain your guests. Create an easily accessible path to this room, either with a stylish rug or some cool art and accessories on the lobby walls. In the living room maintain a lot of free space and good lighting, a poor lit living room will always seem uninviting and attract negative energy.

Keep The Bathroom Door Closed

The bathroom door should always be closed by default, and the toilet seat left down. Feng Shui tells us that water symbolized wealth (money), and if the seat is up, the water can ‘escape’. Toilets and pipes take away energy from a room, so keep them covered when not in use.

Rearrange Your Furniture Accordingly

The way you arrange your furniture is key to achieving positive chi (energy). If you’ve ever walked into a room where people were standing with their backs turned to you, you should get a good idea of how NOT to arrange your furniture. That is why the furniture needs to face the door as much as possible. Make every room inviting by having a comfortable couch or bed facing the door to invite people in, not turn them off instantly with bad energy.

Calming Artworks Invite Energy

To get even more positive energy into your rooms, a great idea is to have calming works of art hung over your beds and sofas. Something that invites rest, sooths the mind, something relaxing. For example a nature scene, a waterfall, a quiet little shed in the middle of the forest on a sunny day. Never have workout equipment out in the open (except for a gym room), so hide them in the closet or under the bed if you’re not using them.

Clutter Is Bad

It goes without saying that your home will benefit from looking as clean, fresh and not at all cluttered. So everything that’s extra and doesn’t belong needs to go, stuff like personal items that are just lying around or sitting out of place, an excess of plants, clothes thrown on different chairs or sofas etc.

Apply these feng shui decor principles to your home and you’ll notice you’ll immediately feel better in your own surroundings. Your home will look fresh, you’ll feel more energized, and when you have friends or family over, they’ll notice that too. They might not be able to put their finger on it (if you don’t outright tell them),  but they’ll tell you you’ve done ‘something’ with the decoration that makes the space much more inviting and relaxing than ever before. It’s so worth it!

How To Completely Transform Your Backyard

When looking to redecorate our homes, a lot of people tend to only focus on the inside and do even a complete redecoration effort, without even thinking of changing anything in their backyard. Remodeling always has 2 areas, indoors, and outdoors, and just as we like the inside of our homes to look pretty, we also need to focus our attention to our backyard and entire outdoor area.

There are so many things you could be doing to arrange your outdoor space more and give it a completely fresh look that will catch people’s eye and give your home an overall better look.

With that in mind, let us dwell into some tips and ideas about how you should be going about arranging your backyard.

Building A Deck

This is a cost effective way to enable more of your outdoor living space to be used for regular activities. It will also increase your home’s usable square footage, making your property seem even larger than before. In case you already have a pool in your backyard you can consider building the deck around it, transforming it into a nice relaxation area. You can then add lounge chairs and umbrellas to make it really stand out and be practical at the same time.

Building A Patio

This doesn’t have to be very large, but large enough to fit its purpose. You can choose from various materials like brick or even wood, and the end result should have a goal of attracting attention, giving a nice overall contrast to your back yard. Patios aren’t that expensive to create and they are low maintenance as well, so they’re a great option for cost effective outdoor decorations.

Landscaping Is A Must

Nothing enhances your backyard space more than having nice landscaping done to it. You can go for a butterfly garden, oriental landscapes, or turf grass to really make that space stand out. The trick here is to go for a combination of landscaping options to give you that nice pallet of color that looks out of this world. Make sure to ask for professional advice when choosing to do landscaping as a professional will really help you get the best results.

Consider A Pool or Hot Tub

If you really want to make your back yard practical and attractive, a pool or hot tub if you don’t already have one could be the best choice. There’s nothing more relaxing than going for a nice swim in your pool in the summer, and then enjoy a delicious drink on your deck afterwards with family and friends.

Having a backyard and not doing work to make it stand out is a waste. You could be doing great things with that space, and in this article we’ve looked to give you just some cool ideas to think about. Using some or all of these options will ensure that your outdoor space looks just as amazing as your indoor space, making your entire property shine in a whole new light. You’ll be the highlight of your neighborhood no doubt!

How To Select The Perfect Counter-tops


The use of cabinets also known as counter tops in your kitchen can be both practical and fashionable at the same time. They can provide storage room for your various kitchen related items and completely change your kitchen’s look and feel. That is why choosing them can be a daunting task, as they are such a central piece of the kitchen environment.

When going shopping for new cabinets, there are several focal points you should be concentrating on.

First and foremost, you should decide on the type of counter top you are interested in buying for your kitchen. They can come in all the shapes, materials and sizes you can imagine, so having an idea of what you want before going out to search for your favorite is always a good idea. You could be thinking of corian counter tops that are heat resistant, or granite counter tops which are heavier but also give that rustic look to your kitchen. You could go for wooden countertops or even open style counters that are very popular nowadays. There really are a ton of options and variations available.

Make sure to check more than one store and compare prices. Sometimes you can find similar counter tops from the same material yet with considerably different price tags. Looking for the right deal will help you save some money that could be invested in other parts of your kitchen or your home in general.

Also consider how thick you want your countertops to be. The more thick they are the heavier they’ll be as well, and that’s another relevant factor to take note of.

The next area you need to consider is the edges. They can have sharp edges, or round edges. Sharp edges can give them a cool modern look, but round edges would be more kid friendly, thus avoiding any potential scratches you children or even you might suffer if you ever hit your arm by accident on one of the counter tops.

Lastly, don’t forget to measure exactly how much area you’re going to cover with your new counter tops. This will allow you to order the exact amount you need that will be tailor made to fit in your designated area. The store professionals will be able to design your chosen custom made counters to perfectly fit in that space, so make sure you measure it properly and take space into serious consideration. Also think about how much space will be left in your kitchen after your counter tops are installed.

All of these issues and options should be considered before purchasing any new counter tops. Buying something without taking these issues into consideration can lead to monetary loss and frustration. Go well prepared and find the counter tops of your dreams! Good luck!

Choose The Best Wood For Your Staircase


Building a new staircase in your home can completely transform the look and feel of your interior space. Even simply switching to a new banister rail can create a huge difference and make your home feel like a completely different space than it was before.

So if you’ve decided that this is something worth pursuing (hint: it is!), it is now time to look at the different types of wood available to us, and decide which would better be suited for our new staircase.

European Redwood

You may have also heard of european redwood as scandinavian pine. This is a good environmental choice as it is grown in renewable plantations, which makes it more affordable than other options. It has a nice appearance that will enhance the look of your staircase if you decide to go with this type of wood. It is probably a good choice for someone on a budget that still wants the staircase to look more expensive than it actually is.

Southern Yellow Pine

This option is for people who are looking for strong hardwood. Southern yellow pine will be a lot more durable than other types of wood, so it would be a great choice for a staircase that will pass the test of time. It has a nice texture and pretty golden color, with a specific grain pattern. This wood is grown in the South, and you can use if for your staircase or even floors and furniture.

Hemlock Softwood

If you want knot free wood, this would be your safest bet. It’s obviously a softer type of wood but has a nice golden color as well. Good on a budget, you can also paint it a certain color as it’s texture easily allows it.


Oak comes in various types, and usually professionals will recommend white oak to be used for a staircase because of it’s durability. Being such a strong water resistant type of wood, white oak is often used to build boats and wine barrels because of its unique characteristics. This will be a bit pricey but if you can afford it, it’s definitely one of the best if not the best choice available on the market.

American White Oak can be more widely available than European white oak and thus a tad less expensive, so that’s something to keep in mind.


We are reaching now the territory of premium hardwood, as this is likely tougher than white oak and has the advantage of being highly flexible as well, allowing for shapes and curves to be more easily created. Perfect for a staircase, it comes in cream pale brownish colors.


This is a little known red to brown looking hardwood that is somewhat close in color to mahogany to get an idea. Sapele has a very distinctive grain, and can be looked at as a cheaper alternative to be used when wanting something of this color. It has a good dense structure that will keep rot away and it also has a decent resistance to water and humidity. You can even use this type of wood for outdoors in your garden.


There are several types of walnut wood available on the market, but the one that should interest you the most is American Black Walnut as it is the strongest and most stable type of walnut. This is another hardwood that comes in a dark brownish color (think dark chocolate) that is probably the most expensive wood on this list but for good reason. It is very versatile and extremely long lasting. You can carve it into any shape imaginable so you can really use it for anything. This is a great choice for your staircase if you are interested in both look and durability. It will come at a price but if you can afford it, it’s totally worth the investment.

A lot of options to consider and choose from, but hopefully you now have a good idea regarding the difference and benefits each type of wood offers.