A home is not just any place with four walls and a ceiling. Home is a place which provides us with a sense of relaxation, comfort, and safety. When we walk into our homes at the end of the day it feels like a place to escape all the hustle and bustle and seek refuge from the outside world. The feeling which we get from walking into our homes is priceless.

The place we live in doesn’t have to be too big or small or have too much of furniture and other things. The most important thing is to make our homes more liveable and to impart the feeling of a sanctuary. No matter how much square feet of an area we have to inhibit our main focus is to turn that into a comfortable living space. The whole idea of a home revolves around making it a place of refuge, relaxation, comfort, coziness, and contentment. To bring out all these feelings, there are a few things which one can do and transform their house into a home.

Paint it up!

The study of human psychology has revealed that colors have a great impact on our minds. To give your home a more peaceful and calming look, you should choose some basic colors which are soothing to your eyes. Painting your walls in neutral, white or light shades will give it a more open look even if you have a small apartment. You can add a splash of color to your furniture to make it look less boring. The key is to keep a balance.

Lighting matters

Lighting is another important thing which makes your home comfier. Natural light should light up your rooms and for that, you must have windows in appropriate places. Choose a nice color for your curtains or blinds as well. The light bulbs, lamps and tube lights should also be selected and installed as per need. To make your home cozy at night, you can install dimmers which dim the light and gives your house a more peaceful look. Lighting up candles also has a great impact as well.

    Bring a balance

Try to keep your house nice, tidy and clean. The windows and vents should be in appropriate places and opened when needed to make the house airy. You can also bring nature inside by keeping indoor plants and flowers. Eliminate the extra stuff and remove any unnecessary things which are just occupying space.