There are a lot of things you can do to add the value to your home. If you are planning to sell out or rent your home then there are some things which you can do and improve the market value of your home even if the current price is not enough. Making some minor improvements can help greatly to increase the market price of your house. Let us look at some of the things you can do which will really add value to your home.

Remodel the kitchen and the bathroom

According to the latest market searches, it has been seen that upgrading your kitchen and bathroom and greatly increases the appeal of any house and these are the two things which are bound to give you good returns. Paint the walls, go stainless steel, change the look and feel by adding and changing a few bits and pieces here and there. Cleaning these spaces also adds to the value. Apply appropriate fixes and do take care of any broken cupboards or floor tiles. Replacing the kitchen oven is also something which is a major value increasing factor. Another thing is to add or improve the storage space in the kitchen. You can add on or remodel some cupboards and add some storage racks or a chest of drawers to one side as well. Painting your equipment with a stainless steel finish also adds value to the kitchen. As for the bathroom, make sure it looks clean. The tiles should not be worn out. Add a new shower curtain or a medicine cabinet. You can also add a towel bar or extra storage options for bathroom toiletries.

Apply energy saving options

Another thing which increases the value of your house is applying energy saving options to it. You can do this by replacing your appliances with more energy efficient ones. You can also change the windows and add some energy efficient ones. Another thing to do is putting insulation on your ceilings and walls. Change the lights to energy efficient light bulbs and add solar powered panels to your house so that the new occupants can save up money spent on electricity.

Make it greener

Nothing can give your home a more comfy and cozy feeling then the look it gets from some natural plants and flowers. Try to decorate your indoors with some indoor plants and flower vases to make the insides look a little greener. The outdoors are equally important as well. Try to add a vegetable patch to your garden near the kitchen or add some flower beds in your front garden. You can also try landscaping your yard to make it look more beautiful.

Add a Swimming pool

Pools definitely add value to any house. If you can afford, then add a swimming pool in your backyard and it can greatly increase the value of your home. In this case, however, the location of your house is very important. If your house is in a place where the weather is mostly hot then adding a pool is a good option but for places where it is usually cold, adding a pool might be worthless.