When we think about the home improvement we think about paying hundreds of dollars and going through a stressful time of getting what you want to be perfected. In most cases, we find it so hard to explain to a professional what we want and end up spending the money on the work we don’t like. The solution to this is doing it yourself. Now it may sound hard and it does require a lot of patience but it is not impossible and there is no risk of your money getting wasted on something you didn’t want because your ideas will be perfectly understood and translated only by you. Here are some ideas which you do it yourself and can use to improve the look and feel of your home.

DIY String Lights Décor

String lights are something which is simple and can immediately add up to the coziness of your home. These lights give a cozy and starry effect. There are so many things you can do which them. Use the string lights to give your bed canopy a divine look. If your bed doesn’t have a bedpost then you can put some towel hangers on the ceiling and hang some fabric along with the string lights and you will end up with a beautiful look. Another thing you can do is to make up a dixie cup garland or make flower lights and place them on the back wall above your bed. To make the garland you need some dixie cups and for the flower lights, you can use cupcake liners of different colors. We all love that feeling we get from a Hollywood

A-lister we get from looking at a mirror which those lights on the sides. You can transform your mirror by just wrapping some string lights around the edges and get that Hollywood feel. Another thing to do is to make fairy light jars using these string lights. These can be a great option to replace a night light as well.

DIY Wall Art

Another cool thing to do is to make some DIY Wall Art. Having blank spaces on your walls can be really boring. Wall Art is something which can bring life to your walls and make it look better. There are many cheap ideas which you can use to make really good wall art. One simple thing you can do is get some cheap withered wood and paint it. You can put on your favorite quote and make a rustic palette sign. You can also turn an old window frame into a photo frame. You can also use a rubber mat and spray paint it to look like fancy wall art. If you are feeling a bit more artistic then stenciling is just the thing for you. You can also try string art. If you are a lover of micro crafting then you can take some tiny plastic animals and spray paint them silver or gold and make a micro-crafted frame to hang on your wall. Another cool thing is to make some sharpie plates to hang on your walls. If you want an outdoor wall decorated then you can make a moss graffiti that grows. You can create some really cool abstract art by just spraying paint on sheets, cutting them into random shapes and sticking together on a white base sheet to make a cool frame. Another cool thing to do is to make a graphic wall using tape. Simply tape your wall and then paint it. Remove the tape and get a graphic art on your wall.